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The Link between Heartbreak and High Performance

What does creating High Performing Organisations have to do with heartache? Well, it turns out quite a lot. Just as we have all at some point ‘checked out’ of a relationship, so have we also ‘checked out’ of a job. Here is why it matters and how to prevent ‘Invisible Walkouts.’

Pay It Forwards…Always

“I don’t have time!” Sound familiar? Juggling a business and a family is mentally and physically demanding, Feeling like you are never doing enough, it can be all too easy to prioritise everyone else’s needs above yours. But as Aspiring’s Founder, Liz Beck, recently discovered, the consequences of not making time to look after yourself can be even more costly.

Storytelling To Transform Your Leadership

The ability to tell a compelling story is one of the most powerful ways to connect and inspire those around you. So, how can women lean into their natural storytelling skills to give them an edge in the boardroom?

Tattoos in the workplace

Liz joins Eddie Mair on LBC Radio to discuss tattoos in the workplace

IR35: The Headlines

New IR35 legislation is in force and affects all companies in the private and public sector from 6th April 2021. Make sure you are up to speed.

Budget Headlines 2021

Read the Budget 2021 headlines affecting employment in the UK.

Brexit Update

Covid-19 has continued to dominate the headlines this year, leaving Brexit a little left behind; however with the Brexit transition period ending at 11pm on the 31st December 2020, we need to ensure that we are aware of the key changes not only for business but also for individuals.

Christmas (Parties) Cancelled?

We know Christmas is going to feel a little bit different this year, here are some ideas to still keep the Christmas parties with your teams.

Starting a new job during a pandemic

It’s been a tough year for everyone, but what about when you add a change of job into the mix too? Juliette and Lana tell us how they have found starting a new role during a global pandemic.

Lockdown abroad… liabilities, expectations, tax

With lockdown continuing, employees and employers are asking “what happens if you lockdown in another country”?

Returning to the workplace

Following the PMs announcement about returning to the workplace, Liz speaks with BBC News discussing the return to work process and the role leaders will need to take.

15 ‘Head Noises’ in the time of Covid-19

For the past two weeks, I have been noting down some of the head noise that’s going on right now, in this time of Covid-19. I’m sure many will resonate with you all.

Right time, right place: (P = P – I)

The first few weeks of the Coronavirus crisis in the UK triggered a familiar response in me… a response I’ve deployed many times before; a response that has seemingly served me well before.

Stress and Covid-19

Let’s dive into stress and consider what we know about it and how it’s impacting us in the current Covid-19 world.

Covid-19 – Facing the brutal reality

Rob talks us through the reality of Covid-19


An honest account of balancing parenting and work during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Asking what Gen Z want is not the right question. Should we even be asking?

Given that the workforce is ageing and we are all set to work way beyond traditional retirement, do we need to move away from pitting Gen Zs against the ‘Okay Boomers’?

Mental Health – The Stats

For many of us, we spend more time at work than we do at home. And we know that our environment can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. The stats speak for themselves, take a look!

10 things to remember at your work Christmas party

Whether you are the life and soul of the party or prefer to sit back and let others take the lead, a work Christmas party is a chance to switch off from the busy year you’ve had and socialise with your colleagues. Here are our tops tips for getting through the party.

Helping the dust to settle: ten top tips for tackling survivor syndrome

“Survivor syndrome” describes what happens with those who remain in the organisation after major redundancy programmes.

Leadership Stories Podcast 1 – Danny Milton

In the first of our Leadership stories series, Liz Beck talks with Danny Milton, Director of Rugby at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Senior Lecturer in Sport Coaching and Physical Education and former Wales National under 18’s Coach.

How do you get your team to believe in your vision?

Liz Beck and Patrick Ballin on how you get your teams on board and connecting with the company vision

Why should I care about ‘Vision’?

Why should a company vision mean something to its employees? How does it affect them and the way they work? Liz Beck and Charlotte Allfrey discuss…

Fitting in the frame – competent, authentic or both?

“The most powerful impact comes when we can integrate authenticity – the power of being ourself – with capability – learning from the best.”