Christmas (Parties) Cancelled?

It’s been a tricky and incredibly hectic year for most. For many of us we look forward to celebrating the festive season with a party, team meal or a few drinks. 

*We know some people can’t bear the entire thought of festivities – if that’s you, this post probably isn’t for you!*

But this year with many working from home, budgets cut and the inability to actually socially mix with even your granny, what can businesses do to ensure there is some kind of nod to the festive season? Or how can they thank their teams for stepping up to the many new challenges that have been faced?

There have been many businesses talking about sending the normal party budget as vouchers for an individual to spend, some are sending hampers in the post, some are postponing a party until next year. Some companies, with the employees support, are donating party budgets to charity.

There have also been some amazing ideas around still making it a team event;

  • Cocktail or mocktail making online zoom sessions
  • Afternoon tea sent to all and enjoyed on a virtual call together
  • Murder mystery virtual parties
  • Team quizzes
  • Crazy online scavenger hunts with vouchers as prizes

… and our favourite (for those with a bigger budget and not in lockdown!) a socially distanced drive in outdoor cinema at the work place with popcorn and treats delivered to each car.

Overall the most important thing to do (at any time of year) is to acknowledge and thank those employees that have delivered in these challenging times that we are all living very differently, even if it’s just an email or card.