How Coaching can help you stop ‘Performing’

When I was younger I was taught my performance was all that mattered – that I would be hired, promoted or fired based on what I could do and how fast I could do it.

As is often the case before a life changing discovery, I hit a chapter when the familiar and trusted things around me fell away and I had to start over (in every way!). The cliché of ‘the journey’ began.

It turns out success doesn’t come from what you can do it comes from who you are and how you behave in the world. My journey was one of self discovery and understanding that leadership isn’t about the Board Room or the C-Suite. It’s about knowing who you are; understanding and articulating what you stand for and then living, working and leading in accordance with that personal brand.

Coaching was a pivotal part of my journey – being coached and learning to coach others. My Coaching took me to places I had never considered before and certainly never explored. It was tough, sometimes painful, insightful and rewarding but it lead to the discovery of what I’m in this world to be (not do!) and how I was going to get there.

Since then I’ve been clear about my work and contribution in the world and the simplified definition of ‘success’ has naturally followed.

Coaching isn’t about helping you perform (think about what the word ‘perform’ or ‘performance’ means…..), it’s not about reaching a finite destination. For me, Coaching is about the pursuit of Mastery and Excellence – and it is indeed a pursuit. An ongoing pursuit of observation, learning, practice and refinement. A continual commitment to your contribution in the world but it starts inside – knowing who you are and what you want to stand for.

It’s a courageous step to take but I promise you, it’s one you’ll never regret.