How we create a culture with values that mean something

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More than ever, Culture is critical to business success.

The talent in the market are making career decisions based on the Culture you offer them. And if they don’t like yours; they’ll find one they do like!

But how do you get a great Culture? And what are the key ingredients?

Businesses are frequently investing large amounts of money in the development of their Values, in the hope they will create a ‘great Culture’. Sadly (and probably unsurprisingly), this rarely happens with Values alone.

Not because the Values are rubbish. But because they aren’t enough on their own. They lack meaning and teams are left not understanding how to interpret them and bring them to life.

We’ve spent a lot of this year working with clients to help them get passed this stage and through to the place where ‘Culture’ is unique to them; a reflection of their brand, a definable experience and a differentiator for their performance.

It’s easier than you might think (what a relief!) and we take you through a process to:


Create the Values from the inside – bringing your teams into the process for high engagement and working to connect What you do with Why you do it.


Interpreting the Behaviours that need to be heard/seen/experienced for the Values to come to life


Create the processes for measuring individual and team performance, in a simple way – both What people deliver and How they go about behaving.


Train your people to understand the processes and know how to have great quality conversations.


Develop and support Leaders to role model a Culture and Vision that attracts and engages the kind of talent that will delight your customers.

Simple steps, down with you and not to you. If you’d like to know more about how to create a Culture that drives your business forward, we’d love to share a coffee with you. Drop us a line at