Mental Health – The Stats

For many of us, we spend more time at work than we do at home. And we know that our environment can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing.

The stats speak for themselves and it’s time to change them.

Investing in awareness and training to identify and support employees who may be struggling helps them stay connected with the workplace; it improves engagement, reduces absence and supports performance. It makes sense for everyone… are you doing enough?

We provide accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training. It is a two day course which will provide your team with the skills and knowledge to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health issues.

The training includes a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions. Allowing your team to understand mental health, the contributors that can affect wellbeing, support and reassure a person in distress, as well as protect themselves while performing their role.

Upon completion of the course, your team will be qualified Mental Health First Aider’s.