We’re all there, the schools have shut and overnight our job roles have merged. My job title is now Mum, Teacher, Business Support Officer (I’m sure there are more to add but we’ll leave it there for now).

Let me set the scene… we moved into our house 5 weeks ago and it’s like stepping back into the 1970’s. We have a shower that leaks through the kitchen ceiling, no cupboard doors on the kitchen units (which is ideal with a toddler!), no sofa, a garden that my son describes as ‘the jungle’ and a hall way that consist of a green swirly carpet with red walls and a lava lamp. It’s a real sight! And to top it off, we’ve been self-isolating for the past week. There’s no place I would rather be…

To say self-isolation is hard is an understatement. My day is spent balancing the laptop with the phone calls, the conference calls, the toddler who needs a wee 687 times a day, who needs snacks more than he needs a wee, who can’t get the lid off his felt tip pens, who needs to watch Fireman Sam, RIGHT NOW! And when it reaches 4.30pm, I temporarily close the lid on the laptop, cook him some dinner, have some downtime with him and put him to bed. Ready to open the lid on the laptop again and catch up on the bits that need more attention.

That said, I’m fortunate. I am fortunate that I’m able to work flexible hours, I fortunate that I have my husband to tag team with (I know many of you are doing this solo), fortunate for the foreseeable future I get to spend every minute with my son. I’m fortunate, and thankful, for the key workers who are working tirelessly for everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m already looking forward to the office being (physically) open again and heading off for the day, but until then I’m going to be thankful for all these things.

I think we have a long way to go before we come out the other side, which means for now we need to work with what we’ve got!

Michaela x