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Insights Discovery Workshop Jan 2019

We really enjoyed hosting our full day Insights Discovery Workshop at the Sofitel, Gatwick

Bullying in the Workplace

Despite growing awareness, bullying in the workplace continues to be a problem for at least a third of UK employees. American business magazine Forbes even rates it as a much higher statistic at 75% of US employees having encountered workplace bullying. It can come from a manager or colleague and usually constitutes clear and deliberate […]

Checking the ‘Right to Work’

Recruiting new team members is both time consuming and costly, but imagine going through the process of placing an advert, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting and referencing someone, only to find out on their first day at work that they haven’t either got the right to work in the UK, or they are limited to certain hours […]

Can makeup be part of an employee dress code?

Although many women choose to wear makeup, a large percentage do not. How does that fit in with dress codes and can an employer insist that female employees wear makeup to work or would that amount to discrimination? As we know, ‘discrimination’ is to treat a person less favourably because they possess a particular characteristic. […]

How we create a culture with values that mean something

More than ever, Culture is critical to business success. The talent in the market are making career decisions based on the Culture you offer them. And if they don’t like yours; they’ll find one they do like! But how do you get a great Culture? And what are the key ingredients? Businesses are frequently investing […]

How to conduct an investigation in the workplace

How do the words ‘disciplinary’, ‘capability’ or ‘grievance’ make you feel? Chances are ‘serious’, ‘daunting’ or ‘complicated’ spring to mind, but it’s something that all managers are likely to encounter at some point and it actually need not be any of those things. To make the process smoother, here is our 13 steps of guidance […]

Leadership starts with I.


Fuelling Ambition

Highlights from the Newable Fuelling Ambition Conference, May 2018

Liz’s round-up

Read on if you want to hear about storytelling. performance anxiety, transforming performance, NLP, coaching & culture change and bike rides. A perfectly sensible mix…

14 ways to increase Employee Engagement

In an ever-changing world, we need to be on top of what we’re offering our teams. It’s not about waiting for the government to bring in legislation, or to hear in an exit interview that a competitor has a great perk…

Monitoring Company Sick Pay

In order to understand the cost implications for your business, it is really important that you monitor sickness absence – somehow. Knowledge is power and by tracking sickness absence you are far better informed and can act more efficiently on persistent short-term sickness absence…

The 70-20-10 learning model

…the learning principle of 70/20/10 (usually credited to Morgan McCall and his colleagues working at the centre for creative leadership). This model shows that 10% of someone’s overall learning comes from formal learning experiences (classrooms, online, reading), 20% comes from social learning (from peers, mentoring, feedback) and 70% comes from experiential learning (on-the-job, trial and error, learning by doing)…

What does it take to unlock people’s potential?

Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. It is designed to help people understand themselves and others and enable them to make the most of the relationships and interactions they have every day.

Turning ‘Talent’ on its Head

For over a decade now, what is sometimes called the “nine-box grid” or “high-potential” model for mapping the performance and potential of corporate employees has been in vogue…

Executive Coaching – what is it?

I was interviewed recently by Finance Monthly to help increase awareness of the power of Coaching. Seeee how that conversation went…

How Coaching can help you stop ‘Performing’

I’m often asked what I think Coaching can do for people. This short article is an insight to my own experiences.

Your business will only survive with Talent who Trust you – have you got that covered?

Almost every business and leadership book or article at the moment is talking about the importance of Trust – the power of trust and the difference it can make to your business.

Where does Leadership start?

What kind of leader are you? And how can you use the Christmas break to reconnect with your own personal ‘why’?

Business and work is changing – are you keeping up?

What do we know? Great businesses perform because they have a great offer, clear brand and brilliant talent but attracting and retaining brilliant talent isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Creating amazing teams and why Team Building just doesn’t

The first part of 2017 has been all about Teams and how they perform – from the average to the high performing, we’ve been looking at the difference that makes the difference. Find out what what we’ve learned.