Starting a new job during a pandemic

While it’s been an incredibly strange year for so many people, I decided to add a career change into the mix. I count myself as very lucky that I had an opportunity to apply for and secure my new job.

I’d worked with some of the team before and knew it was going to be an exciting whirlwind of a challenge but one that I was ready to embrace.

But, along with the normal thoughts and feelings of starting a new job…

  • Will I fit in with the team?
  • Will the work challenge me?
  • How can I make sure I achieve and exceed their expectations?
  • Where will I get lunch from?

There’s also these other thoughts that I’ve never had to consider before…

  • What if the children are sent home because their class bubble has shut? How will I work?
  • How will I be able to complete my training if we go into a full lockdown?
  • How can I keep myself and the team around me safe from Covid-19?

Fortunately, the team and my line managers have taken the approach of being as flexible as they need to be in all circumstances. Supporting you if you have issues with childcare, giving you the opportunity to work from home and making sure you are set up to do so in the event of a lockdown. And, most importantly for me, regularly checking in by phone or in person to make sure I am ok.

This open communication enables me to ask questions, to develop my understanding of my role and to help our clients with full support of the team.

Top tips for starting a new job during a pandemic/lockdown…

  1. Ask the questions and the ‘what if’s’ you need to ask to ensure that you are clear on how your new role will work during this time.
  2. Be ready to have an area to effectively work at from home (should you be able to).
  3. Keep regular, open communication with your team and line managers to ensure you continue with your learning.
  4. Ask for support when you need it – managers are learning new ways of working too, they may need a little prompt to answer your questions.
  5. Ask other members of the team what they are doing, they might have some ideas you haven’t thought of.