Where does Leadership start?

What kind of leader are you? And how can you use the Christmas break to reconnect with your own personal ‘why’?

As we close out a year where the impact of Brexit and a Trump presidency are still to be fully understood, my focus has turned to the ongoing responsibility of leaders.

I’m often curious about the label of ‘leadership’ – how it’s held for those in the most senior of positions….CEOs, MDs, Directors, C-Suite. What about the leadership that starts at home? The kind of leadership that starts with ‘I’.

It strikes me that we’re all leaders – in one way or another. Leaders of our lives – how we navigate the day, how we make choices, how we overcome challenges and achieve our aspirations.

I’ve noticed that those who succeed in this space have something in common…….a really clear sense of who they are, how they want to be and why they do what they do. They use this as their compass for the journey – the life journey, the business journey. They have a sense of anchored comfort that gives them the freedom to explore and learn and from this they have increased creativity and performance.

Christmas is always a great time for reflection and I intend to use this space to quietly reconnect with my ‘who and why’ so I start 2017 leading myself in a way that best supports the journey.

However you spend your break, I hope you can find some space to connect with your ‘I’ and think about what is needed for your best in the year ahead.