Alaina David

HR Business Partner

Tell us about you

I studied business studies (a while ago now!) and discovered human resources was the route for me and have worked in a variety of HR roles since then in both the private, public, and charitable sectors, with a couple of years out in the middle living abroad in South Africa and having an adventure. Outside of work I live on the south coast with my partner and two stepsons. No pets, but my youngest stepson is trying to convince us we need a dog. When we’re not working on our renovation project of a house, I love the outdoors, being silly with my niece and nephew and a good glass of wine, or two!

Tell us about your role and how you can help / support

As an HR Business Partner, I work with a variety of different management teams and HR teams to identify what their priorities are, both in terms of how HR activity can support and enable their business plans but also in engaging and developing their people. Helping to understand the link between good and effective people management, developing a clear framework, providing guidance and supporting the development of their people managers to people manage well.

A day in the life of a HR BP

That’s a hard one! It’s a juggling act. I’ll have a plan and a list of priorities and then I’ll rewrite that! It’s being reactive and responsive to my clients needs as well as being proactive thinking about what they will need next, what is happening in the external context and what will add value and make their lives easier. A day might involve a number of calls and meetings to discuss employment matters, projects or training, support for the team delivering administration and advisory support as well as project work to support a clients priority needs.

What do you love most about your role?

The variety. The chance to work with such a range of clients of differing sizes, in different industries, and different countries. And a fabulous team around me that sometimes make me laugh out loud and share my love for a good glass of wine and cake.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Going to Peru on my own and achieving my bucket list ambition to visit Machu Picchu. I’m very proud of myself for deciding to just get up and go do it.

Who is your role model?

Honestly, no one person springs to mind. I am lucky to have a number of inspirational people around me in family, friends and colleagues that help me to remember what is important and set some great examples. One piece of advice that stuck was that time is one of the most precious things you have; value your time as you can’t get it back and think carefully about how you want to spend it.

How do you switch off and take some time out?

Doing a ‘desk job’, when not working I like to get out in the fresh air and love cycling and being by the sea the most. Time with family and friends is a really important part of my life and keeps me grounded in what’s important. When I get an evening to myself, I’ll be found curled up on the sofa probably watching a crime drama series with a cuppa and maybe some chocolate.