What Clients Say

We are lucky enough to work with inspiring and dedicated people. Here is what they have to say about working with us…

Who we work with

"We have had the pleasure of working with Aspiring over the last six months, which happened to be a period of significant flux for the business. I have found their support, in the form of reliable, practical and commercially minded questioning and advice invaluable to my decision making. Liz’s intrinsic passion and enthusiasm for HR partnering has enabled growth and development for me, the senior management team and the wider team as a whole. Fully supporting change in a professional yet truly human manner."

"Aspiring are critical partners for the delivery of our People Strategy. Liz and her team are experts in skill development, leadership, employee relations, coaching and change and ensure we always have the support we need - delivered with a pragmatic and commercial approach. Things are just easier with them around!"

"I referred an individual to Liz for coaching to assist him in securing a new role. The individual had left a job in circumstances where the relationship with the employer had left him low in confidence and morale. He had been shortlisted for half a dozen roles with good employers and was receiving positive feedback but had not been offered any roles. In only a couple of one-to-one sessions with Liz she challenged his approach, attitude and response to application and interview. Liz was instrumental in making the individual stand out as a candidate by encouraging him to challenge the standard responses and attitude to HR. With Liz’s guidance and support the individual was successful in securing a role in a global company over 100s of applicants. I would not hesitate to recommend Liz going forward."

"I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your professionalism and assistance in bringing this matter to a close with little or no time spent. It is a pleasure to work with true professionals."

"Liz and the team at AspiringHR have been working with us to provide one to one leadership coaching for our senior management team and tailored management training to enable our business to achieve its ambition to grow three times as much over the next five years. Liz and the team are professional experts, innovative with their solutions, flexible to business needs and most importantly a pleasure to know and work with."

"I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Liz’s coaching powers in both a group context through leadership development and one-to-one coaching. Liz has this amazing talent of being able to cut through things and get to the true heart of the matter pretty quickly and help you to see the wood for the trees. She challenges you by asking great questions and taps into what you are really thinking. In a group session her and Rob are excellent facilitators but are also not uncomfortable with calling out any elephants in the room, meaning you can slice through any awkwardness and make huge strides forward.

A master in helping you reframe your thinking, Liz always gives solid practical and tangible advice which you can walk away with and action. I speak from personal experience when I say she truly unlocks something in you and, with her help, you feel empowered to take the next step. Highly recommend."

"I absolutely believe in the Development Programme and the sharing of experiences, looking deep into ones self and opening up to a trusted group of colleagues totally empowers you to really see where your strengths and weaknesses actually are and gives you an insight to where you truly want to be as a leader, what drives you on, what stops you progressing and what inspires you to achieve more for your team and self."

Thanks for all of the support I felt during the two sessions from each and every one of you, Nicola is a wonderful facilitator who brings the very best out of each participant and together with the HR team has put together a remarkable training package.

"Liz and Patrick worked tirelessly to get us where we needed to be. They balanced strength, fierce feedback, encouragement and stretch in just the right measure to get us the outcomes we were looking for. A truly commercial and courageous partner for times of challenge and growth.

I just wanted to say thank you. We had a meeting yesterday and it was evident there were more people challenging and stepping up - good to see. I know you will say ‘you are but an enabler allowing people to reach their true potential’ but I know what I saw and it was different in a good way."

"Liz and her team have provided leadership development and coaching support to senior leaders across our Northern European business during the past 2 years. They have supported us in the design and delivery of a transformational leadership programme, which is being delivered to all leaders, at all levels.

What I personally like about working with Liz is her adaptability and agility to support many facets of the organisations development. With her focus on the ‘end customer’, she challenges us all to put our people, the customer and the future of the organisation at the heart of all decisions.

If you are thinking of being coached by Liz though be prepared to work hard, to sweat a little and to be as committed as she is – the end results are worth it!"

"The Aspiring team have become an extension of us. They know our business and they know their stuff. Whether it’s development, organisational change or employee relation advice, the Aspiring team are always on hand. They provide us with sound, forward thinking options that makes my decision making clearer and safer."

"We were looking to engage and mobilise our wider leadership and worked with AspiringHR to develop an energising programme which kick-started a new culture within our organisation. They ‘got it’ straight away. They were creative, challenging and encouraging. The feedback from the work was some of the most positive I’ve ever seen."

"I tremendously enjoy working with you. You had massive impact to improve the leadership group and send me onto a journey to become a better leader and a happier and more confident person. I cannot thank you enough for that."

"After a successful interview for an exciting new position I’m convinced that the LDP program that I undertook with your team has played a major part in this promotion. They were blown away when I could engage with them about MBTI profiles and explain mine. How I would fit within their organisation was obviously very important to them. Thank you."

"Honestly Liz, you’re the best. This journey has been life changing and I’m handling things now I would never have been able to handle before."

"My coaching has really brought to focus what is really important in the workplace, greatly enhanced my ability to engage with and really communicate with others thereby unlocking and removing barriers of doubt that has so much improved my confidence in decisions and ability to work with the team. We are able to move forwards with plans with a clearer shared sense of direction and to common goals. This has made my team so much more productive and effective at what we do.

Working with the team at Aspiring will greatly enhance your teamwork, enable your team to clearly articulate its goals, and focus on what is important – cutting out the “noise” and distractions that so often bog processes down. You will get better performance and understanding from your team and others that you work with – enabling you to attain your goals and objectives with less effort and more satisfaction.

Finally, Aspiring are fantastic people. My Coach, Liz is a warm and wonderful lady and it was absolutely great working with her. This is a coaching process that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone."

"We had Aspiring undertake some development training for our managers – they were skilled, engaging and everyone’s attention was maintained throughout the workshop. They explored a sensitive subject in a captivating manner. Everyone left invigorated and with an enhanced skillset."

"A wealth of experience, peppered with anecdotal stories and role play scenarios, made our sessions highly engaging. Aspiring empowers participants to take their learning forward into every-day life. They are our go-to trainer for people related coaching."

"Liz and the team at Aspiring are the perfect partners. Experts in the field of People Development, Employee Relations, Leadership and Coaching, Liz and her team have a fun, pragmatic and commercial approach to People, Culture and Behavioural development in business. We have worked with them over a number of years and have many clients who have gone on to find their support invaluable."