Juliette Webb

Learning & Development Manager

Tell us about you

I love my 2 kids and husband, 4 brothers and sisters and their amazing families, theatre, walking, reading, cooking, the beach, cake, France and most things French, laughing and friends.

Dislikes, mainly frogs/toads…

Tell us about your role and how you can help / support

I am the Client Services and Development Partner and the in-house Insights facilitator. I’m here to ensure the service we deliver to our clients, whether it be HR, Leadership Development or Exec coaching is of the highest quality and to keep looking at the opportunities we can offer as a team to our brilliant client base. I also have the privilege of introducing teams to Insights Discovery.

A day in the life of a Client Services and Development Partner

Varied! No two clients are the same and very few tasks are the same. But that is the wonder of our team, hugely adaptable and versatile whilst ensuring top notch client deliverables.

What do you love most about your role?

The opportunity to work with such a varied client base. Having worked in various Global organisations and public and private sector previously, it’s refreshing to be part of a business that covers a wide range of clients.

What’s your greatest achievement?

2 brilliant kids and a continuous positive attempt at helping other people where possible throughout life – be kind!

Who is your role model?

I am Chair of Governors at a local primary school and the Headteacher of the school is a constant source of inspiration. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated and passionate about what they do, leading a huge team to make a difference every day. In fact, teachers in general are incredibly inspiring!

How do you switch off and take some time out?

Listen to music, read a book in the bath and my favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning – baking/cooking whilst listening to the Archers ?